Your Top 5 Fire Pit Questions

بواسطة Julian Husseini على Oct 15, 2021

Your Top 5 Fire Pit Questions

We took to the Solo Stove LIVE comments section to see what everyone’s been asking about. Read on to get answers to our livestream audience’s top 5 most asked questions!

  • When should you use the Stand?

The Stand remains cool to the touch below your fire pit. Heat sensitive surfaces, such as grass, a wood or trex deck, requires the Stand to be used to ensure safe fire pit use. Use Stand on unstable surfaces, like sandy beaches, to improve stability. For burns taking place over a few hours, add concrete pavers under your Stand for extra safety. Click here for more tips about the Stand.

  • Does the outside of my fire pit get hot?

You can expect the sides of any burning Solo Stove fire pit to reach extremely high temperatures. Temperatures while burning are extremely variable, and we recommend using a laser thermometer for an accurate temperature reading. The best practice while interacting with a lit fire pit is to keep pets and children away from the hot outer walls to keep your skin as safe as possible.

  • What’s the best way to build a smokeless fire?

Start small, with pieces of kiln dried firewood. Use small logs, or strips of kindling to build a grid with your fire starters in the middle. Our Starters are a great option! Once these have sufficiently caught fire, add additional firewood to the outer edges of your fire pit. Click here to see this advice in action, as we build a fire in the Solo Stove Ranger.

  • How do I keep my fire pit clean?

If you don’t like the patina that develops on the outside of your fire pit, Barkeeper’s friend is the perfect way to restore some of the original shine to your fire pit. Learn more about how to manage a patina here.

When cleaning out ashes from the inside of your fire pit, you’ll need to wait until the fire pit is completely cool and embers are no longer lit. Then, tip your fire pit over to remove ashes. If you have a hard time carrying the fire pit and need an easier way to transport ashes, the Solo Stove Handle is the perfect tool you’ve been looking for! Find out how to put those ashes to good use here

  • What is the best firewood?

As long as you are using kiln dried hardwood, you’ll be able to build a hot, roaring fire. Solo Stove Juniper and Oak are both great options to start off with. Try to avoid soft woods, as these are more prone to popping embers and more smoke.