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site logo "No easier or safer way to enjoy a fire than with the Solo Stove collection."

Solo Stove Collection

Award winning smokeless fire pit design.
Most Portable Fire Pit

Ranger 2.0

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World's Best Selling Fire Pit

Bonfire 2.0

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Large Fire Pit

Yukon 2.0

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XXL Fire Pit

Canyon Bundle

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Award Winning Fire Pit Design

Patented technology perfected into a fire pit that you can
take along on trips or enjoy at home.
Our secret technology does something fire pits
have never seen, nearly no smoke and minimal ash left over.


1 Bonfire + Stand 2.0

Bonfire + Stand 2.0

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2 Roasting Sticks

Roasting Sticks

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3 Ash Firewood Bundle (5x Bags)

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Don't Take Our Word For It


We love our solo stoves. We have both the Ranger and the Yukon. The fires are easy and quick to start and easy to keep going! There is no smoke and no bonfire smell afterwards. AND they are portable. Highly recommend!

2020 has been a year of reflecting on what's important. For us we decided spending time with our loved ones is our focus. Now, thanks to our Solo Stove, it’s been amazing for us to have that option to gather around.

We LOVE our bonfire Solostove! It serves as the fire pit in the garden and comes with us camping. My kids love it, our friends love it, it helps us make happy memories! We couldn't be happier with this purchase.

Solo Stove is the simple solution I was looking for. No consumables to buy or carry. Easy to use and suitable for the garden, camping or taking to friends houses.

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Exclusive Distributor Middle East