Here's the short answer: 

The Ranger and Bonfire both work great in a backyard or to take with you on your weekend adventures. The Yukon was designed as a back garden fire feature but work great in events or anywhere large groups plan to gather.
Here's the longer (and better) answer:

A Fire Pit for Every Adventure...

If you are ready to enhance your outdoor experience with a Solo Stove fire pit, you’re probably asking this question: Which model is best for me? The simple answer is that it depends on how you want to use it.

You could be planning a camping trip and need a portable fire pit to fit in your car or 4x4. Perhaps you’re thinking about it more as an inviting centerpiece for your backyard so your family and friends can have a great reason to gather around and swap stories. There are a few points to consider when picking the right Solo Stove:

  • The size of your outdoor space
  • How many people you plan on entertaining
  • The types of adventures you’re planning to do

While these are important things to consider, we believe it’s less about the technical specifics as it is how your Solo Stove can help you get outside and reconnect with nature and those around you. Our fire pits are tools, and tools can be used in so many ways. We’ve put together a little guide here with the purpose of showing you how our customers have used their Solo Stove to inspire your next adventure with a Solo Stove fire pit.



Ranger is Solo Stove’s most compact fire pit. It’s size and portability make it perfect for smaller, outdoor spaces like townhome patios and large balconies.

We see most Ranger owners on the move telling stories by the fire, and packing up the next day to do it all over the following weekend. It’s perfect for the desert, the mountains, the beach or the backyard.

While we’ve seen lots of people around the Ranger warming up in the dunes or mountains after a long drive, we’ve also seen smaller groups of people fit around it comfortably in a garden, making for the perfect cozy marshmallow or date night.

“URBAN PAL Fire Pit — A perfect pit for my backyard . . . The perfect item for city dwellers like myself to get back outside and enjoy life more.” — Danica Ali

“Just the right size — The Ranger is perfect because it is so easy to move around . . . I have [taken] it with me to use while I go on my weekend trips.” — Jeff



Bonfire is our original fire pit and the best of both worlds in terms of portability and outdoor entertainment. We see lots of people having a true outdoor experience right in their own backyard and then packing it up to take with them on their next camping trip. No matter the size of the group the beauty of fire is safely on display, making any experience more enjoyable.

We’ve seen everything from one person with their feet up by the Bonfire to much larger groups of 20. We often see families enjoying it in their backyard during the week and camping in the wilderness on the weekend. 

“Like most, I was afraid that the Bonfire model would be too small. It is smaller than our previous old and ailing fire pit for sure. However, we are generating even more fire, more warmth and more fun with this one. There is plenty of heat when my family of 5 sits around it and fires are a thousand times easier to start and keep than in our old traditional model.” — Dennis Dragotti Jr.

“Perfect camping accessory — It’s easy to carry with the included bag. Light enough to bring along to all of our adventures.” — Nick Thelan



Yukon is our largest fire pit, designed for hosting impressive gatherings in your own backyard. Whether you have a big space or want to make a big statement, Yukon creates a stunning centerpiece for your family and friends to gather around and make memories. In contrast to Ranger and Bonfire, Yukon is our more “stationary” unit (it weighs 45lbs). It’s extra-large size allows for groups of all sizes to share the joy of the fire experience. Many of our customers even go as far as building a stone enclosure around their Yukon in order to create an intentional gathering place in their backyard. Here are a few other uses we’ve seen:

  • Create a designer backyard experience
  • Begin a family tradition around the fire
  • Host your family holidays in the backyard

“Awesomeness —My wife told me we wouldn’t be happy unless we went as big as we could. She was right! The Yukon is well made and should provide many years of enjoyment for our family. It also looks great and is the centerpiece of a great patio that attracts rave reviews.” — David Sorensen

“Party Pleaser — The Yukon exceeded my expectations. My daughter was about to turn 16, and wanted a birthday party where all of her friends could come and help her celebrate and have a great time. We discussed different venues, but ultimately, I decided to create the perfect venue myself.” — Jake Paysse 


As we wrap things up, we hope you’re inspired to use your fire pit in even more creative and unique ways than what we’ve referenced here. Solo Stove Fire Pits make life better and we’re excited to see which one you choose.